Ops, Ops Pools and Ops Limits

Ops, Ops Pools and Ops Limits

What are Ops?

Ops are our unit of measuring usage of our apps. Every integration automation in our apps will use Ops if it succeeds, usually one Op. However, a few templates and actions (for custom automations) may use more than one Op if they do something to multiple items or other monday.com objects. For example if an automations copies an update to all connected items, a certain number of items may be copied to in one Op - with additional items using additional Ops (often this is multiple items per Op). Another example is copying update files to a files column, one Op will copy a limited number of files, and additional files will use additional Ops.

What are Ops Pools?

Every account has an Ops Pool. This is the pool of Ops purchased across all of our apps by your account. Apps with paid plans consume Ops from the Ops Pool - this means you can gain the economies of scale by purchasing one large plan, and enabling other apps to use it with their own Add-On plans. As Ops are consumed they are counted against your paid apps in order of their reset dates - not necessarily which app's automation ran.
If you purchase an Add-On plan without any other purchased plans, your app will cease to function
Free plans do not use Ops from your Ops Pool, nor do they contribute Ops to it.
Add-On plans do not contribute Ops to your pool, but they do enable an app to consume Ops from your Ops Pool. Great for using economies of scale.

Reset Date

Each app has a plan, which has a reset date for Ops used for each app plan. This date is the day of the month you installed the app. On this date your Ops used will reset. If your Ops Pool is made up of multiple paid apps, each app resets on its own reset date. This means your Ops Pool will partially reset with each app for which you have a paid plan. Resets occur on the first usage of an app after 00:00 UTC on the reset date.

Monthly Ops Limits

The Monthly Ops Limit is based on the total of all Ops in your Ops Pool (or the number of Ops in your Free Plan for unpaid apps). The monthly limit is what you have purchased, and if you exceed the limit you will need to purchase a larger plan to restore operation.
Email notifications will be sent at 85%, 95% and 100% of your Ops Pool being consumed. This email is sent to the app installer. 

Daily Ops Limits

There is a default daily Ops limit of 10% of your Ops Pool, which exists to prevent runaway situations like an infinite loop. (For example, copying a column to another column, and copying that column back will create an infinite loop). This limit can be adjusted up to 100% of your Ops Pool, or disabled all-together.  You can adjust it using a board template included with Column Magic. See Ops and Pools Board and Daily Limits for more information on adjusting the Daily Ops Limit. 
Email notifications will be sent at 85%, 95% and 100% of your Daily Ops Limit being consumed. This email is sent to the app installer. 

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