Ops and Pools Board and Daily Limits

Ops and Pools Board and Daily Limits

The "đŸª„Monday Man Apps - Ops & Pools" board is our tool to view your Ops and Pools, as well as manage your App Daily Limits
The "daily limit" defaults to 10% of the monthly Ops available in the App Pool (see Ops, Ops Pools and Ops Limits).
App Daily Limits exist for your protection against infinite loops and other runaway situations you didn't intend, to help avoid using your purchased Ops in error.

How to Add the Board

  1. You must have Column Magic installed. 
  2. Click the add button in the workspace bar on the left.
  3. Click "Choose from templates".
  4. Search for "ops" and select the "Monday Man Apps Ops & Pools" template. Click "Use template".
  5. Let monday.com build the board. It will be displayed fairly quickly. 
  6. Review the instructions on the board.
  7. Click the Update Pools button to load your accounts data to the board, or update it as needed.
  8. The Ops usages will update automatically, once each day. Use the button if you need more current data.

How to Manage Daily Limits

  1. You can adjust the daily limit for an app by direct on the app subitem of the board. Simply edit the value directly.
  2. You can disable the limit all together with the Use Daily Limit status column.
  3. Editing other columns has no effect, and they will be reset when the board updates.
The daily limit will change as a percentage as you purchase apps, this is so you don't increase your monthly limit then prevent your use of them with too low of a daily limit.
"Sparks" are what we used to call Ops, it was cute but confusing. Sparks were worth 1/5th as much as an Op. That means what used to take 5 Sparks only takes 1 Op. As a result our plans are now 1/5th the number of Ops as Sparks - but don't worry, you get the same amount of usage.

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