What is Update Magic?

What is Update Magic?

Update Magic #1 is the ultimate UPDATES toolbox. A collection of powerful, easy-to-use recipes and automation action blocks that will give you the power to magically make your Mondays better!

Use Cases:

  1. Remove ALL new updates (effectively, stops updates from being added)
  2. Remove new updates from guests
  3. Assign user from new update to people column
  4. Write last update to text or long text column
  5. Set Status from Update Based on Creator Type
  6. Check updates for a list of words and set status
  7. Create Checklist Update
  8. Copy Updates to Connected Items
  9. Duplicate Item w/ Updates
  10. Set Status from Update Based on Creator Type
  11. Set Status when Update Creator is in Column
  12. Set Status When Updates Contains Keywords
  13. Set Status If Update Has Files
  14. Add Files in Update to Files Column as Links
  15. Add Files in Update to Files Column as References
  16. Copy Files in Update to Files Column

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