What is Mirror Magic: Numbers?

What is Mirror Magic: Numbers?

Mirror Magic: Numbers is a suite of automation templates which copies the summary of a number mirror column to another number, text, or mirror of number or text column.
  1. Supports mirrors of numbers columns.
  2. Supports mirrors of mirrors of numbers columns. 
  3. It is possible to chose a mirror of any type of mirror column, so chose a column you know mirrors a mirror of numbers. Mirrors of Formulas are not supported.
  4. Writes the summarized value to a numbers or text column, including mirrors of numbers or text.
  5. Only the first mirrored item is copied to at this time. Mirrors of mirrors are not supported for output.

Automation Templates

  1. "When button clicked copy sum of numbers mirror to target column"
  2. "When status changes to something copy sum of numbers mirror to target column"
  3. "When date arrives copy sum of numbers mirror to target column"
  4. "When column changes copy sum of numbers mirror to target column"
  5. Supports subitems when the selected trigger column is a subitem column
Mirror Magic: Numbers actions are not supported in the custom automation builder due to monday.com limitations.

Summary Functions

Summary functions are the method by which the number mirror column is summarized. Number mirrors have a default summary method of "sum" but you can change this in the mirror column settings. The recipe allows you to override the column setting, and create a summary using any of the supported methods.
  1. Sum - the sum of the mirrored numbers.
  2. Average - the average of the mirrored numbers.
  3. Median - the median (middle most) number of the mirrored numbers.
  4. Min - the lowest value of the mirrored numbers.
  5. Max - the greatest value of the mirrored numbers.
  6. Count - the count (how many) of the mirrored numbers.
  7. Count Positive - the count of how many numbers are positive.
  8. Count Negative - the count of how many numbers are negative.
  9. Count Zero - the count of how many numbers are 0.
  10. Sum Positive - the sum of all the positive numbers.
  11. Sum Negative - the sum of all the negative numbers.
  12. Average Positive - the average of all the positive numbers.
  13. Average Negative - the average of all the negative numbers.
  14. Mirror Summary - use the default summary method according to the column settings.
Blank numbers are ignored, they are not treated as 0s. This is consistent with monday.com's behavior.

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