Copy Columns

Copy Columns

Copy Columns is a Column Magic feature that can copy the value of one column to another, including mirror columns that mirror a single item. Multiple trigger types are provided for copying mirrors, special columns, or local columns - or the value of the column that changed.
Custom automations are not supported due to limitations of the platform. We intend to add limited support, but it will not include mirrors, subitems, nor will it check to ensure column types are compatible.

Supported Column Types

Mirror Columns

Mirror columns are supported for most types, as both a source and destination.
Copying from a mirror copies the first items value, except number columns which copies the visible value of the column. Copying to a mirror, only the first connected item is copied to. There are plans to improve this situation in a future release.
It is not possible at this time to trigger copies of changes in mirror columns. Though you may be able to work around it with certain built-in automation templates.

Special Columns

A number of column types cannot be selected with a normal column selection, such as Name, Creation Log, Last Updated, Item ID, and Integration columns. There are special templates for copying "special columns".
Integration columns are a special type used by some integrations such as Salesforce to store a unique ID. These columns cannot be modified once written to, but we can copy them because sometimes they contain email addresses or similar. Support varies by integration.


Copying columns on subitems is limited to automation templates with the "when column changes" trigger at this time. 
There are additional triggers supported for subitems that were recently added by and we intend to implement support for them in the future.
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