Set Date from Date using Number

Set Date from Date using Number


... set date to number days after date keeping time
Use this action in the custom automation builder to create recipes. There are no pre-built automation templates for this action.

Function Details

  1. Sets a date column in relation to another date column, based on a number in a numbers column.
  2. Can be configured to set the date before or after the source date.
  3. Can be configured to ignore the time in the source column.
  4. Supports the following time periods to add/subtract from the source date:
    1. days
    2. weeks
    3. months
    4. business days
    5. hours
    6. minutes
    7. seconds
Ignoring the time while setting the date x hours/minutes/seconds will remove the time from the final result after calculation. This means if 4 hours is added to 5:00 PM - the result is 9:00 PM and the resulting date will be the same without the time. If 10 hours is added to 5:00 PM, the result will be the next day without a time. provides the ability to push a date by a number of seconds. While only stores and displays the minutes of a time, you can still add/subtract a number of seconds. This option exists for consistency. We'd love to hear your use case for using seconds.

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