Connect Board Column in Text Pattern

Connect Board Column in Text Pattern

To use a connect boards column in a text pattern, you need the column ID, and manually create the field in the text pattern.
  1. Enable developer mode
    1. Click your profile icon on the top right and choose monday.labs

    2. In monday.labs activate "Developer Mode"

    3. Exit monday.labs
  2. Click the "..." menu at the top of the connect boards column.
    1. Click the "Column ID: link_to_board_a" at the top of the menu.

      Your column ID will be different than link_to_board_a
  3. In your text pattern box for the recipe you are creating:
    1. Type in "{pulse." and then paste the column ID you got in step 2.
    2. Type in "}" to close the field in the text pattern.
    3. "{pulse.link_to_board_a}"
  4. Complete building your text builder pattern and save the automation.

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